About Queer Me 2011 NYC

This blog is being created in conjunction with the Queer Caucus 2011 juried show in New York City. Ideally, it will act as a forum to generate discussion surrounding the creation of work related to identity politics.

This juried exhibition will be hosted in conjunction with the College Arts Association at The Center (The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center) New York City. We are soliciting work that challenges the narrow interpretations and representations of queer identity. The artists selected will be connected by their beliefs that contemporary image-making is a means to push the boundaries of art practice
as it relates to “queerness.” From Alice Austen to Catherine Opie to Yasumasa Morimura, the importance of an artist’s queer identity in relationship to their work has been well-established. We seek work that addresses the idea that, as artists, we act as social mirrors, documenting change and the myriad other possibilities as the very definition of “queer community” is continually redefined.

Queer representation is seen both in and Out of the political arena. Apparently we are still a threat to the conservative establishment, as noted by the removal of David Wojnarowicz’s video “A Fire in My Belly” from the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery’s Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture exhibition. Although we are still moving forward politically, on-going bullying & gay teen suicides, gay marriage, Prop 8, “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, DOMA, and countless other issues remain pertinent. Simultaneously, the entertainment industry perpetuates facile mythologies, from Ellen to The L Word to True Blood, mediated representation and reality are two very distinct worlds!

For this exhibition, we want artists whose work deconstructs and explores the messy intricacies and un-categorically ever-expanding and complex definitions of queer identity.


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